• San Diego, California, USA

About us

Ria Rizo (Founder and Director of Wild San Diego)

I have always been passionate about nature. My love of birds and ornithology at a young age inspired me to learn more about the ecosystems that are the basis of nature.

When I realized that many people who love animals don’t understand or appreciate the complexity and biodiversity of local ecosystems, I was inspired to educate others about the local wildlife of San Diego with wildlife information pamphlets and through my other projects.

Although I am in high school and may not be an expert on the wildlife of San Diego, I have learned a lot from books and experts in the field. I hope to connect with more people who would like to share their knowledge on wildlife and am continuously researching, learning, and reading about wildlife of San Diego.

In my free time, I enjoy doing sports, playing music, and training my chickens to perform tricks.

Ria Rizo
Founder and Director of Wild San Diego