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Wild San Diego
Educating people on the local wildlife of San Diego

About San Diego

San Diego County’s unique environment is a hidden treasure that most locals don’t know enough about. San Diego is one of the most biodiverse counties of the United States, and one of the best biologically documented regions in the world. San Diego has 54 endemic, or nearly endemic plant species. With 524 observed bird species, San Diego County’s bird species list ranks at the top few among the U.S. counties. San Diego is also home to 122 species of mammals, both on land and in water.

MEA Native Garden Club

The MEA Native Garden will work to create a permanent natural, outdoor area on campus to educate students and provide habitat for local wildlife.

Students of all ages are welcome. Supervision required for elementary students.
We meet every Tuesday, except for testing week, from 8-9 am in front of Ms. Rice’s Room.


– Information Pamphlets (a collection of short information pamphlets on San Diego’s nature)

– Interactive Pages (explore and learn about topics relating to San Diego’s nature) COMING SOON


– School Habitat Project (a natural, outdoor area on the Mt. Everest Academy school campus to educate students and provide habitat for wildlife)

– Canyon Restoration (restoring a portion of the Tecolote Canyon by removing invasives and planting natives)


– Presentations (slideshow presentations available to use)

– Worksheets and Activities COMING SOON

– Books and Websites (a list of useful resources for furthering one’s knowledge of nature) COMING SOON


– Blog  (news on projects, information on native wildlife, and more)

– Events (dates for presentations, habitat restoration work, and other events)

Ria Rizo (Founder and Director of Wild San Diego)

I have always been passionate about nature. My love of birds and ornithology at a young age inspired me to learn more about the ecosystems that are the basis of nature.

When I realized that many people who love animals don’t understand or appreciate the complexity and biodiversity of local ecosystems, I was inspired to educate others about the local wildlife of San Diego with wildlife information pamphlets and through my other projects.

Although I am in high school and may not be an expert on the wildlife of San Diego, I have learned a lot from books and experts in the field. I hope to connect with more people who would like to share their knowledge on wildlife and am continuously researching, learning, and reading about wildlife of San Diego.

In my free time, I enjoy doing sports, playing music, and training my chickens to perform tricks.

Ria Rizo
Founder and Director of Wild San Diego (since 2020)