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Tecolote Canyon Habitat Restoration

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Working to restore a portion of the Tecolote Canyon.

So far, we have removed ice-plants and successfully planted multiple native species in one section of the canyon. These plants will eventually grow, and in time they will fill the bare spots of the canyon. They will support a variety of wildlife that once lived in this portion of the canyon. For example, the California quail may return from the depths of the canyon if there are enough shrubs and foliage to support it in this section of the canyon.


Please consider donating to support our cause. All donations will go towards purchasing native plants for the canyon. Every gallon plant generally costs about $5. This year, we would love to plant about 50 plants in what we are calling Section A of the canyon (shown highlighted in the map). The cost to purchase all these plants will be $250. We will plant as many natives plants in the canyon as we are able to purchase with your donations. Once planting in this section of the canyon is completed, we will ensure survival by providing the plants water until they are established. We hope to continue planting in sections of the canyon until it is fully restored.

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